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Koramin Ingensra
Biographical Information
Nickname Kora
Born Late 220s HE
Nationality Tortallan (naturalized)
Scanran (by birth)
Gift Blue-green
Specialization Animals, charms
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 8"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family Information
Parents Unknown ("Ingen" literally means "no one")
Siblings Older sister †
Lover Ersken Westover
Rosto the Piper (former)
Other Family
Animals Fuzzball (kitten)
Rank Commoner
Rogue Position
Residence Nipcopper Close
District Lower City
Affiliation Court of the Rogue
Rebakah Cooper
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Terrier
Last Appeared Mastiff
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Koramin "Kora" Ingensra was a Scanran commoner of the 3rd century HE. She came to Tortall in 246 HE to look for excitement, along with her lovers Rosto the Piper and Aniki Forfrysning. She joined the Court of the Rogue and moved into the lodging house that Rebakah Cooper occupied with them. She was a pretty powerful mage as well, and had the Gift. She became Ersken Westover's lover later on in 246.


Kora came with Rosto the Piper, her lover, and Aniki Forfrysning from Scanra, although it is unclear if she was born there or somewhere else. Her looks indicate that at least her ancestors weren't native Scanrans. She had an older sister, who was murdered by "child killers"[1].

In early April of 246 HE Kora moved into the same lodging house, where Rebakah Cooper lived on Nipcopper Close in the Lower City of Corus. Together with Rosto and Aniki, Kora became a member of the Court of the Rogue, although she kept more to the background than her two friends and isn't known to serve any of the chiefs. Kora quickly became friends with Rebakah Cooper and joined the regular breakfasts in Beka's rooms. She also helped Beka with finding the vicitims of the Shadow Snake and getting information from them.

As Kora is quite adept at cleaning clothes, which her magic helps her with a great deal, she offered her housemates to do their washing, too. She also does the laundry of others, although not free-of-charge. Thus she can be found regularly at Glassman Square, doing the laundry. In the Court of the Rogue she can often be found laying out fortune cards[2].

Since April 28, 246 HE Kora shared her bed with Ersken Westover instead of Rosto.[3] Pounce provided her with a kitten of her own one morning, Fuzzball, a brown and black tabby tom, and she later acquired several other pets.

When Rosto became the Rogue and set his court up just over the street in an inn called The Dancing Dove, she and Ersken were planning to move there to have more room in September of 247 HE. However, Kora was already suggesting bying a house of their own in that month[4].

Personality and traits

She hates child killers since her older sister was murdered when they were kids making her more than willing to help Beka track down the Shadow Snake.

Kora doesn't like being woken in the morning and has a habit of blasting anyone with her magic who does so.

When Pounce gets Aniki a kitten Kora complains. She hasn't to wait long until Pounce arrives with another kitten, this for Kora. It is a light and dark brown of color with thin black stripes and spots. Like Ladybuck it, too, is male. Kora has named him Fuzzball.[5] The kitten has quite an appetite and Kora tends to carry it around in a sling. Ersken voices the opinion that she does so because the kitten runs to the next food it can find, when Kora puts him down. Kora doesn't only like cats, but all sorts of pets. By September of 247 HE she has a small menagerie. A second cat keeps Fuzzball company as well as a pup and a pair of lovebirds.[6]

Kora surprises her friends when she tells them that she speaks Kyprish, just because she likes it.[7]

Physical description

Kora is described as being as big as Beka, which makes her five feet eight inches (5'8") tall. She has brown hair.[8] Her eyes are also brown[9] with long lashes[10]. Unlike Aniki, Kora seems to be wearing mostly dresses. She is "sleek as a cat"[11], and before they are introduced, Beka calls Kora "the cat mot".

Magical abilities

"I'm bad at healing, but I do know my way around a basic safety charm!"
—Kora about her own abilities[src]

Kora's magical Gift has a blue-green color[1]. With it she can do quite a few useful things. She is adept at cleaning spells, especially with clothes. That's why she also does Beka's, Aniki's and Rosto's laundry. She later also does the laundry for other people, earning some money with it. Kora makes charms for keeping the clothing clean, too[12]. Furthermore she knows of herbs and has some talent for making healing potions, although this doesn't seem to be her best talent.[13] Her treatment of pets seems to be more effective than that of humans.[6] Another use she makes of her Gift is creating magical spots which tag people so she can follow it at need.[1] Another spell she seems to be quite adept at are truth and compelling spells.[14] Kora can make safety charms, too[15]. Kora is also good at fire spells, an ability she mostly uses when she is awoken from a sound sleep; thus the person waking her would do good to step out of Kora's way[16].

Although Kora's magical abilities, especially when it comes to healing, seem to be more effective on animals, she doesn't have wild magic. She's just "an all-around mage who's a little better with medicines for animals."[17]


Rosto the Piper

It's unknown when or where Kora and Rosto met, but it can be assumed that it was in Scanra. They had a physical relationship before they came to Corus and were a threesome with Aniki. However, Kora broke up with Rosto after she met Ersken and fell in love with him. Kora has still remained Rosto's friends and by September of 247 HE she is considered his left hand as the Rogue[18].

Ersken Westover

Kora and Ersken began a physical relationship shortly after first meeting in April of 246 HE. They have maintained their relationship ever since, although they both stand on different sides of the law with Kora the Rogue's left hand and Ersken a Dog. However, they've managed to compensate this by not talking about their work too much and instead having mutual friends, reading books and going to fairs and musical entertainments[18].


Kora appears both in Terrier and in Bloodhound. She plays a more important part in Terrier, where she frequently helps Beka with seeking out new Shadow Snake victims. She isn't as important in Bloodhound and only appears in the beginning and at the end of the novel. Kora has a very small role in the final installment of the 'Provost's Guard trilogy, Mastiff.


Kora's last name comes from the Danish word "ingen" and would translate to "daughter/child of the man named Nobody". The reason for this "speaking name" is unknown. It might be just a coincidence/twist of the author. Or Kora might use it on purpose to hide her lineage.


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