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Konutai (pronounced KOHN-oo-tai) was a female stormwing of the Copper Isles. She and her flock gained immense pleasure from feeding off the fear sowed by Imajane Rittevon and Rubinyan Jimajen. After breaking away from a battle with the crows, Konutai mocked the princess regent during the lily-viewing party the regents were hosting. She also gleefully brought up the revolt that occurred on Imahyn Island and that five large estates along the Susashain River were burned down.[1]

Despite being a Stormwing, Konutai seemed to have befriended Taybur Sibigat.[2]

Notes and References

  1. Trickster's Queen, Chapter 14
  2. Although seeming a tiny bit unfriendly or confrontational in the text, Konutai is listed as a friend of Sibigat's in the Cast of Characters.

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