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Kethlun Warder
Dhaskoi (in Tharian)
Viynain (in Namornese. Both mean mage)
Style '
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Regency Council
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
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Reigning Monarch
Biographical Information
Nickname Keth
Nationality Namornese
Magical Information
Magic Glass magic and lightning ambient magic
Creations Chime
Physical Description
Gender Male
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Children
Other Family Unnamed Uncle (current Namornese Imperial Glassmaker)
Patron God
Rank Merchant class
Residence Khapik, Tharios (as journeyman)
Dancruan, Namorn (birthplace)
Teacher Trisana Chandler
Occupation Glassblower
Law Enforcement of
Guard District
Guard Watch
Training Partners
Previous Partner
Current Partner
Guard Badge
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
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Only Appearance Shatterglass
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Kethlun Warder (pronounced KETH-luhn), nicknamed Keth, is a Namornese glass and lightning mage.


Early life

Keth was born into a prominent glass making family, House Warder. He originally was not a mage, but was one of the top glassblowers in his family and in Namorn. His family saw him as a huge asset who would bring them far.

One fateful day, sometime in 1038 KF, during a walk along the Syth, Keth was struck by lightning. He lived, but his career was ruined. Every glass object that he touched, he destroyed or melted, because the lightning had triggered some sort of ambient magic. This was unknown at the time, as mage sniffers are not so good at seeing ambient magic in people. Keth was sent to be a journeyman, and to relearn the craft in different cities and countries.

Living in Tharios

The beginning

It is unknown how many cities and countries that he had visited before making his way to the city-state of Tharios, but he was living there by 1039 KF. He was working in his cousin Antonou Tinas's shop, but was recognized by the other man as a failure. He was kind, though, and let Keth rent his shop and use some of his supplies. Keth had become good friends with some of the yaskedasi who worked in Khapik, namely Iralima.

Meeting a weather mage

Keth was doing a glass working one day and accidentally made a living glass dragon named Chime. This was done by accidentally sucking the magic around the street into the working. This was noticed by Trisana Chandler, who had been walking by. She did not know that he was not cognizant of his magic, and scolded him for trying to destroy the glass dragon. Tris told him mage's had to be more responsible, which shocked Keth as he did not know he had magic. Tris took Chime into her care and left.

While doing another working, he created a glass ball shrouded in lightning. He decided to go to the Mages' Society and request a teacher. He brought the glass ball. They informed him that if he had glass magic and lightning magic, nothing could be done for him, as lightning mages were extremely rare. Niklaren Goldeye overheard this, and told Keth that he knew of a lightning mage who would be happy to teach him—Tris, the very girl who had flung a warning shot of lightning at Keth when he was trying to destroy Chime.

He met Tris again at Jumshida Dawnspeaker's house, where he was adamant against Tris teaching him. They talked him around, however, and he accepted her guidance. After a while, while Niko and Dawnspeaker were out doing important mage work, the arurim police force arrived, arresting Keth for a murder. Demakos Nomasdina accused him of being the serial killer known as The Ghost. Tris went with them to the police headquarters.

The lightning ball that Keth had brought to the Mages' Society had cleared itself of the lightning. It revealed the body of a yaskedasu called Iralima who had been murdered. It is later revealed that Keth knew Iralima, which only makes him look more guilty to Nomasdina.

When Nomasdina threatened to torture Keth, Tris scolded him, saying that he should call for a truthsayer. She also created a wall of lightning and wind between Nomasdina and Keth so that no one could get to him. She demanded that Nomasdina send for Niklaren Goldeye and Jumshida Dawnspeaker at the Mages' Society.

After Niko questioned Keth, it is revealed that he was innocent of the murder of Iralima.

Tracking down The Ghost

Keth continued his lessons with Tris. Later they were approached by Nomasdina again, who asked Keth if he would be willing to continue making scrying balls so they could try and catch The Ghost. When Keth refused, Nomasdina tried pulling rank as higher caste member to force him into the work. As Keth was not Tharian, he did not have to go above and beyond to follow the orders of a member of the First Class.

After another yaskedasu named Yali was killed by The Ghost, Keth agreed to help Nomasdina, as Keth had feelings for Yali. Tris moved into Ferouze's house to help Keth do his magic and to help look after Glakisa Irakory, the little girl who was the daughter of Iralima and who was looked after by Yali, both of whom were dead.

Finally one of the glass balls showed the next of the Ghost's intended victims—Tris. Niko arrived in a hurry to help track down and save Tris. They found the two after they fought, with Tris holding a lightning bolt to The Ghost's neck while was buried in the ground. Keth urged Tris to kill The Ghost, who was revealed to be a prathmun, but Niko and Nomasdina talked her out of it by saying they should leave him to the judgment of the state.


A mysterious entity had warned all the other prathmuni of the city that Tharios would strike hard against them now that The Ghost was revealed to be a prathmun. This entity was Tris.

Later Keth offered to teach glassblowing to Tris and was delighted that he would get to figuratively torture her, as she had tortured him with her teaching.

Glass mage

In 1043 KF, Empress Berenene received word that a glass-mage living in the far south was "making glass that lives"[1]. As of 1043, Keth is the nephew of the current Imperial Glassmaker, another member of House Warder. Due to the report, Keth has probably received a credential and is working to make fine objects for people who can pay for them, like Daja Kisubo with her living metal.


Kethlun only appears as a major character in Shatterglass.

He is mentioned again in The Will of the Empress, but not by a character[1].

Notes and references

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