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Spoiler Alert: The following section contains spoilers about Bloodhound.

Rosto: "Training, right? You let that stumpy little Ahuda kick the feathers out of you, and then you go on watch. I'm amazed any of you live out the night."
Beka: "Shows what you know. It's because of Ahuda we're alive."
Rosto and Beka when Beka is on her way to training[src]

Kebibi Ahuda was the Watch Sergeant of the Provost's Guard for Evening Watch in the Lower City of Corus in 246 HE and most of 247 HE. She also conducted the combat practice for trainee Guards as well as the Guards in their first three years of service. Ahuda was feared for her fierceness by the Trainee Guards and those who still had to attend combat practice. Ahuda also had a reputation for her speed and general fighting skills.

Although she was only Sergeant and under the command of Acton of Fenrigh, everyone on the Watch knew that Ahuda actually made all important choices and Sir Acton agreed to them.[1] Around October of 247 HE Ahuda accepted the position of Watch Sergeant for Evening Watch in Flash District. Her position in the Lower City was then passed on to Goodwin.[2]

She is of Carthaki descent[3] and rumour has it that her family were slaves.

Physical appearance

Ahuda is a stocky woman with black skin. She has some freckles. Her hair is straightened and cut just below the ears.[3] She has dark eyes[4] and considering her Carthaki descent and skin colour she has probably dark hair, too.


She appeared both in Terrier and Bloodhound as Beka's superior. Due to her being transferred to Flash District after Bloodhound she will most probably not appear again in Mastiff.


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