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Kayfer Deerborn (b. around 205 HE[1]) is the Rogue of Corus until Rosto the Piper challenges, kills and succeeds him in May of 246 HE.

He only appears in Terrier, although he is also mentioned briefly in Bloodhound, when Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin are discussing Pearl Skinner and comparing her to other Rogues. His name then is misspelt as "Kayfur"[2].

Deerborn is described as too old for his position as he isn't any longer up to the job of keeping order among the city's thieves. Instead, his only concern is staying on the throne and getting even richer than he already is. Thus he doesn't care for the people obedient to him as he should.[3] The only reason why he is still on the throne in 246 HE, is because he buys the loyalty of his chiefs and they don't do anything against him. By then however, young people from other areas and countries have been coming to town, like Rosto and his two friends Aniki Forfrysning and Koramin Ingensra, who want to get Deerborns position.[4] His position in 246 HE is so weak that Crookshank even dares organizing a raid on Kayfer's Court and searching it top to bottom for his missing grandson, Herun Lofts. Deerborn doesn't dare harming Crookshank as an response to the raid, but he orders that all who helped Crookshank in his raid were to be killed[5]. They were found with rawhide strings and a gold noble around their necks[6].

Physical description

His short brown hair is thinning. Kayfer has very blue eyes with lines around them and a "smooth arch of a nose". He is wearing quite a bit of jewellery: a black pearl drop of the size of a thumb in one ear, a silver hoop in the other and a gold ring with a sapphire of the size of a pigeon's egg on his right index finger.[1]


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