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Kayfer Deerborn
Biographical Information
Born c . 205 HE
Died 246 HE (killed by Rosto)
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Family Information
Other Family
Rank Commoner
Rogue Position King of the Thieves
Residence Corus
District Lower City
Affiliation Court of the Rogue
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
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First Appeared '
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Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Terrier
Last Mentioned Bloodhound

Kayfer Deerborn was the Rogue of Corus before Rosto the Piper succeeded him.


Early Life

Kayfer's estimated birth year was 205 HE[1]. It is unknown when he became the Rogue, or how old he was, but he would have had to be older than seventeen years of age—as George Cooper was the youngest Rogue in history at seventeen[2]. Indeed, he was widely considered as far too old for the position of Rogue.

The Terrier

Beka met him once she became a Puppy of the Provost's Guard and was assigned to one of the most dangerous districts of Corus with Matthias Tunstall and Clara Goodwin as her supervisors. Beka thought Kayfer was far too old for his position, as he no longer successfully kept order among Corus's thieves, but allowed for chaos and disorder to occur, which didn't bring him respect from the Corus Dogs. Deerborn kept his throne by buying the loyalty of the chiefs and higher-ups in his Court. This approach worked for a while, but was upset by the arrival of new blood, Rosto the Piper, Aniki Forfrysning, and Koramin Ingensra. Beka wasn't aware when first meeting Rosto that he meant to challenge the Rogue and gain support from the others. Deerborn's position was so weak that the corrupt landowner known as Crookshank organized a raid on Kayfer's Court in order to search it for his missing grandson, Herun Lofts. Before that, Crookshank attempted to murder Deerborn but was stopped by Rosto the Piper. This earned the young Scanran Deerborn's favor, and he was promoted to rusher.

After the Dead Men's Riots in the May of 246, Deerborn was found dead. Rosto the Piper, the man who challenged and killed Deerborn in combat, succeeded the old Rogue as the new one[3].

Physical description

Beka describes Kayfer as a flabby man with a smooth arch of a nose and receding brown hair. His eyes were blue, with plenty of lines. He wore quite a bit of jewelry, including a black pearl drop earring as big as a thmb, a silver hoop earring, and a gold ring with a large sapphire. Beka thought he did not have a great smile, even though older women used to say it was lovely and quick[4].

Personality and traits

Deerborn was a greedy man who only cared for getting more wealth and status. He did not care for the common-born of Corus, whom he was honor-bound to protect as the Rogue. He showed his wealth by holding his Court in an upper class building, which showed that he thought himself above most of his subjects.


He appeared as a minor antagonist in Terrier, and was mentioned briefly in Bloodhound when Goodwin and Beka were discussing the ruling styles of different Rogues throughout Tortall and comparing Pearl Skinner with Kayfer.

Notes and references

  1. Beka estimates him to be in his forties at the beginning of Terrier, putting his birth year at roughly 205
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