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Karove is a man who lives on the Battle Islands, specifically on Starns.

Karove was one of a group of people who thought that Rosethorn and Myrrhtide were charlatans and were pretending to be from Winding Circle so they could con people out of their homes and steal their goods once they were gone. He and Dubyine publicly confronted the dedicates about this.

Instead of evacuating Starns, Karove and his group went back to Snake Hollow. Oswin Forest asked if they should send people to warn them, but Azaze Yopali suggested they let them stay and loot and then cook when Mount Grace finally would erupt.[1]

Physical description

Evumeimei Dingzai thought Karove looked like a pirate, with his many arm tattoos and the scar on his face.

Personality and traits

Azaze referred to him as a greedy fool to stay while there was a chance of a volcano erupting. She also said that he and Dubyine would whine about poverty, but have the best horses on the island.

Karove was likely a pirate in his past, before the repercussions from the Duke of Emelan after a major pirate raid on Summersea.

Notes and references

  1. Melting Stones, Chapter 15 "Arguments"

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