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Karang is a country in the Circle Universe.


Location and political borders

It is situated to the east of Lairan, the northeast of Qalai, and to the north of Janaal.

Landforms and bodies of water

Not much is known about Karang's bodies of water, although the map shows a few rivers. Karang does play host to the Osar Mountains, a range that extends well into Karang. Polyam lost her left eye and leg in the Osars when Tenth Caravan Idaram tried to cross them in 1034 KF[1].



The University of Lightsbridge, a famed center for learning and magic, is located in Karang[2]. It is one of the leading teaching schools of magic, along with Winding Circle temple in Emelan.


One of the local dishes is baked sheep's head[3].


Karang has not appeared in any of the novels so far, but has been mentioned in many of the books. It is likely that it will appear in a future Tamora Pierce novel centered around Trisana Chandler at Lightsbridge.

Daja Kisubo said she visited the University of Lightsbridge while still traveling abroad with Frostpine after they had visited Namorn. This visit never appeared in any of the books, however, and was mentioned in The Will of the Empress.

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