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Kalasin Iliniat
Empress of Carthak
Style Her Imperial Majesty
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure 461 HE - present
Regency Council
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
King's Champion
Prime Minister
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Style '
Reigning Monarch
Liege Lord
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Maiden Name
Nickname Kally
Honorific '
Born 441 HE
Race Part K'miri
Nationality Carthaki (naturalized)
Tortallan (by birth)
Gift Blue
Specialization Healing
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Noble House Conté family
Ancestors King Jonathan I
King Roger III
Queen Jessamine
King Gareth III
King Jasson III
Queen Daneline †
Grandparents King Roald V
Queen Lianne
(paternal grandparents)
Adigun jin Wilima
(maternal grandparents)
Parents King Jonathan IV
Queen Thayet
Adoptive Parents
Siblings Crown Prince Roald
Prince Liam
Prince Jasson
Princess Lianne
Princess Vania
Husband Emperor Kaddar
Children Crown Prince Binur
Adoptive Children
Other Family Lianokami of Conté (niece)
Shinkokami of Conté (sister-in-law)
Fazia Iliniat (mother-in-law)
Naxen family
Patron God
Rank Imperial
Residence Imperial Palace of Carthak (current)
King's Reach (former)
Tortallan Royal Palace (former)
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Sponsored by
Sponsor to
Training Master
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Countess of King's Reach
Military Affiliation
Military Branch
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Wild Magic
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Page
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales

Empress Kalasin "Kally" Iliniat, born Kalasin of Conté (pronounced KAHL-ah-sihn ihl-LIN-ee-at / of kohn-TAY) in 441 HE[1], is the first daughter and second child of King Jonathan and Queen Thayet of Conté. She was born a princess of Tortall, where her parents co-reigned as King and Queen. She was named after her K'miri grandmother Kalasin, who was reputedly the most beautiful woman in the world. Kalasin has five siblings, Roald, Liam, Jasson, Lianne and Vania. After her marriage to Kaddar of Carthak, she is titled as the Empress of Carthak.


Early life

Kalasin grew up closely with her older brother, Crown Prince Roald, and were one year apart in age. She was also raised closely with Alanna the Lioness's children, Thom, Alan and Aly. As her other siblings were much younger, she was snobby about being one of the oldest in the bunch.

She had a loving relationship with her parents and her siblings.

Meeting Daine the Wildmage

Kalasin, Roald, and Thom of Pirate's Swoop, met Daine when she became assistant horsemistress of Onua Chamtong in 450 HE. They were fascinated with Daine and followed her around everywhere, much to the amusement of their mother, Thayet of Conté. Kalasin regaled Daine with her dreams of becoming a Tortallan knight, as her father had decreed that noblewomen were allowed to try for their knighthood, same as noblemen. She said she would be the first known female knight in over a century.

When they were staying in Pirate's Swoop, Carthaki pirates attacked, who demanded that Thayet and her children give themselves up to stop the attack. Daine was able to help by enlisting her animal friends, as well as Immortals, as aids. When Daine found the dragon Skysong, Kalasin and the other children were fascinated.

Discouraged from Knighthood

Even though Kalasin had held dreams of becoming a knight from a young age, her father persuaded her out of the idea, because he thought other realms would be less than willing to make marital alliances with a bride that was so unconventional. In return, she was allowed to have a say in whom she married, by looking over the marriage candidates and picking the one she liked best. Thayet, who supported her daughter, found out and refused to speak to her husband for weeks.

Because she remained a conventional princess, she spent four years with the Countess of King's Reach, a kinswoman, in order to learn the ins and outs of political life. As Roald went on to become a knight, it is unknown how much their friendship continued as they saw so little of each other in their teens.

Empress of Carthak, Political Marriage

Fanart of the Empress of Carthak[2]

Her parents arranged her marriage with the newly seated emperor of Carthak, Kaddar Iliniat. He was the nephew of Emperor Ozorne, an enemy of Tortall, but Kaddar was interested in establishing needed peace with Tortall. She married him in her late teens, but as political marriages took years to arrange, negotiations probably started when she was still young. Because she married the Emperor of Carthak, she legally forfeited her place in Tortall's line of succession to the throne. The couple reportedly had one son so far, Binur Iliniat. As empress, she adopted her mother's ruling style, and opened schools for commoners and aided the continuation of women's rights in Carthak. Even though she did not become a knight, she was considered very unconventional for a Carthaki empress and received disapproval for her actions, especially from her mother in law, Princess Fazia. They agreed about one thing though: their adoration of Prince Binur[3]. The only other thing that Kalasin listened to her mother in law about was how to navigate state functions.

While her husband absented the palace, Kalasin was in charge of running the county as empress while he was away. This was one of the reasons why Kitten had to go with Daine and Numair Salmalín while they were helping people in southern Carthak, as Kalasin wouldn't have had the time to entertain Kitten at the palace[4].

Personality and Traits

Kally has a strong Gift with a talent for healing. Her appearance is described in Wild Magic along with her brother, Roald's; both have black hair and blue eyes. Although Kalasin is curious and outspoken as a young girl, it is unknown exactly what her personality is grown. She does take after her mother in charity and independence, and opens schools and helps the poor of Carthak—much to Princess Fazia's disapproval.

Physical Description

Kalasin took after her parents with her coal black hair and blue eyes. It is unknown what she looked like later in her life, or if she received some of her mother's famous beauty.



Kalasin is the first Tortallan princess to ever appear in the series, and the only Tortallan princess to ever say anything in the books. This is even true in Beka Cooper's trilogy.


  Alysy of Conté † - Roger III of ContéJessamine of ContéGareth III of Conté
                                  ? generations
                               Jasson III of ContéDaneline of JesslawNaxen           ┌——————————————————┴————————————————┐
               │              │                                   │
     Lianne of NaxenRoald V of Conté                 unnamed brother ┬ unnamed wife
                     │                                                  │
              Jonathan IV of ContéThayet jian Wilima             Roger of Conté
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       Lianokami of Conté                 Binur Iliniat

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