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Kaddar Gazanoi Iliniat
The Emperor of Carthak (451 HE & onward)
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Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Regency Council
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
King's Champion
Prime Minister
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Date Bequeathed
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Reigning Monarch
Liege Lord
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Maiden Name
Nickname Kaddar
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Born 435 HE
Nationality Carthaki
Gift Pale green
Magic The Gift (very small, worked well with plants)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Black
Family Information
Noble House
Ancestors Imperial Family of Carthak
Parents Princess Fazia (mother), unnamed father
Adoptive Parents
Siblings None
Wife Kalasin of Tortall
Children Binur Iliniat, (Crown Prince of Carthak)
Adoptive Children
Other Family Emperor Ozorne(maternal uncle)
Patron God
Rank Emperor
Rogue Position
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Teacher(s) Lindhall Reed, (and others from the University)
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Affiliation Carthak
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Squad Leader Sergeant
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Tortallan Universe character
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Kaddar Gazanoi Iliniat (pronounced kah-DAHR GHA-zahn-oy ihl-LIN-ee-at) is the Emperor of Carthak. He succeeded his maternal uncle Ozorne Tasikhe as emperor in 451 HE[1] after Ozorne turned himself into a Stormwing. Kaddar is the son of Fazia Iliniat and a deceased prince of Zallara. He is married to Kalasin, the eldest daughter of King Jonathan IV and Queen Thayet of Tortall. They have one child together so far, Binur Iliniat, their heir.


Early Life

Kaddar was not the Emperor Mage's only heir throughout his uncle's reign. His uncle's disposition and willingness to go to extremes to get rid of opponents instilled a very strong paranoia and fear in Kaddar and his mother. Once he was made heir—after the last one died of "unknown circumstances"—Princess Fazia decked him out in protective jewels and magics. Of course, this could be standard for an heir in a volatile country such as Carthak, however, he did treat his uncle with a certain amount of a paranoia during Daine's stay.

Meeting Daine

When the young wildmage came to Carthak with the Peace Delegation of Tortall, Kaddar was shocked at first when she jumped into a crocodile pool to save a marmoset. He was tasked with showing Daine around the Imperial Palaces of Carthak. At first, he was very resigned about this and bored with it. When Daine first asked to see the temples of Carthak, he was wary, as his uncle did not approve of religion. As his instructions were to show Daine whatever she wished, within reason, he thought that it would be alright. Kaddar also took Daine to the training grounds where he presumably had weapons and fighting training. His friends were there, practicing their archery, and he was immediately at ease and joking with them. When he noticed that his friends were staring at the way Daine was dressed, he pointed out that she was from Tortall, where standards of dress for women was different. His friends expressed disdain for Tortall as it had a female King's Champion, a knight known as Alanna the Lioness. Daine, angered, bet that she could beat all of them at archery. Even Prince Kaddar laughed at this and said that they only had men's bows. When he could not convince Daine out of it, he brought her to the shed to select bows and said that women were not up to the discipline of military life. Daine said that he should tell that to the Lioness, and that if he did, he should do it from a distance. Daine surprised Kaddar and his friends by outshooting all of them.

Thus Kaddar and Daine became friendlier. As he learned more about Daine and her magic, he became more comfortable as well. He even went as far as to criticize his uncle in front of her, and Daine threatened him that Kitten would bite if he didn't stop. Kaddar was quite amused when he discovered that Daine was unable to snap her fingers.

After Ozorne kidnapped Daine, ended the negotiations and had the simulacrum of Numair Salmalín executed, Kaddar told Daine after she was newly freed. When his uncle was changed into a Stormwing, the man relinquished his claim to the Carthaki throne, leaving Kaddar as the next emperor. Before leaving, Daine urged Kaddar to think about his slaves, and to free them if he could.

As emperor


Kaddar had a rough start as emperor at first, particularly because many Carthakis were still loyal to his uncle, who was now a Stormwing leader. He couldn't really aid Tortall in the Immortals War because he was busy putting down rebellions in his own territories. After a while, Kaddar got the country under control.


Kaddar married Kalasin of Conté, a Tortallan princess. It is unknown when exactly the marriage took place, but as royal marriages take years to arrange, negotiations probably started when Kalasin was still quite young. Currently, they have had one child together, Binur Iliniat, whom they adore. As empress, Kalasin has founded schools, and concerns herself with the affairs of the poor—something that quite annoys and instills disapproval in Kaddar's mother, Fazia.

Physical description

Kaddar had his dark skin from his father, whose tan was also darker than Fazia's. He is also described as being very tall. [2]

Personality and traits

He has a regal manner, showing in the way he treats Daine when she first arrives. Once he gets comfortable, however, he tends to act more like a regular teenager: speaking his mind, etc. He is cautious of what he says in earshot of his uncle, but sometimes he tends to be a bit careless about it.

Skills and abilities

Kaddar had a small Gift. He was said to work particularly well with plants and went to the Carthaki University. He helped grow many of the plants in Lindhall Reed's animal habitats.



              Tasikhe family   
      Prince Apodan TasikhePrincess Mahira
         │                                   │
 Emperor Ozorne Tasikhe                  Fazia Tasikhe ┬ unnamed husband    Conté
                                                       │                      │
                                                Kaddar IliniatKalasin of ContéBinur Iliniat

His mother was Princess Fazia Ilinat, Emperor Ozorne's sister. This made the Emperor Mage himself Kaddar's uncle. There's not very much known about Kaddar's father. He was a prince of the Chelogu province in Zallara, and died in 446 HE while putting down a rebellion in Siraj.[2] It is unknown if there was any foul play involved in his father's death.

He married Princess Kalasin, the firstborn daughter of the Tortallan monarchs, King Jonathan and Queen Thayet. He and Kalasin had a son named Binur Iliniat[3], his heir apparent. It is unknown if they had any more children.

Veralidaine Sarrasri

Kaddar and Daine were merely polite to each other, but as time wore on, they developed a close friendship.

Numair Salmalín

At first Kaddar's relationship with Numair was strained, as Numair believed that the prince had designs on Daine. They became allies later against Emperor Ozorne.

Lindhall Reed

Lindhall Reed was Kaddar's instructor in plants and animals at the University. They were very close and as Kaddar had no father, Lindhall became a sort of father figure and friend for Prince Kaddar.

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