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Jurji was one of Pearl Skinner's personal guards in 247 HE. He was younger than the Rogue's other main guard, Torcall Jupp, and of Bazhir descent. Jurji had long black hair which he wore combed back in a horsetail. He was armed with a slightly curved longsword.[1] Jurji was more hotheaded than Torcall.[2] When Gershom of Haryse raided the Rogue's Riverside Court Jurji fled along with Pearl and Torcall. On their way out Slapper, mount of Hansevor Remy's spirit, noticed and attacked them. Jurji killed the bird by cutting him in two. On their flight he stayed with Pearl, killing the harbormaster and his family to get at papers that would bring them out of the city. He was eventually arrested by Ersken Westover, when a group of Dogs found Jurji and his master at an inn where they were trying to get a captain to take them out of the city[3].

He only appears in Bloodhound.

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