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Jossaryk House was the home of the late Olaksan Jossaryk, and was located in Kugisko. The house was located on Kadasep Island, which was mainly a wealthy residential neighborhood, and was also the location of Bancanor House.

Jossaryk House was burned down in 1039 KF by Bennat Ladradun, a serial arsonist. The fire killed twelve people, including Olaksan, and injured even more. Olaksan was able to save his wife and supper guests. Babies were also killed by the smoke. Although devastating, it was not the worst of Ladradun's crimes, as his attack in Yorgiry's Hospital killed far more people.[1]

Ladradun set the fire as revenge for the denial of his request for funding on Alakut Island. He targeted Jossaryk House specifically because Chiora Jossaryk was the mistress of Romachko Skuretty, an Alakut councilmember.

Notes and references

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