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Josiane Rittevon was a princess of the Copper Isles and the third daughter of Oron Rittevon, the luarin King. She was killed during the Coronation Day Battle by Alanna the Lioness, whom she despised.


Early Life

Although little was known about the Rittevon family when Josiane came to Tortall in order to court Prince Jonathan, information has been expanded later. As her father was a paranoid King, who had his various wives executed for the littlest things, Josiane was brought up to despise her siblings, among them Princess Imajane and Hazarin. She was taught be very cruel and manipulative at her father's court.

Coming to Tortall

Princess Josiane came to Tortall and stayed at the Royal Palace. Her mother had been friends with Queen Lianne when they were younger, thus Lianne treated Josiane kindly and wished her son and Josiane to marry, thus united Tortall and the Copper Isles with a marital alliance. Lianne greatly approved of the relationship that formed, although Jonathan mainly got involved with Josiane in order to spite Alanna the Lioness, his former lover and friend, and that he wanted to forget about her with a "real" female. While the relationship continued, Josiane was often with Queen Lianne, and it was assumed that they were planning the wedding between Josiane and the prince. Jonathan ended it when he realized that Josiane was a very cruel woman.

Josiane had wanted to marry Jonathan to gain status and wealth, and wanted revenge. She became close with Delia of Eldorne and became involved in Duke Roger's plot to take Tortall. Josiane met Alanna in spiteful peace and insulted her. After an exchange in which Alanna got the better of her, she was quite angry, although Delia dragged her away before Josiane could make a scene, calling Alanna a "slut".

Half mad, Josiane was present on the side of Duke Roger during the Coronation Day Battle, armed with a battle axe. She managed to kill Faithful and Si-cham before being killed by Alanna. This allowed Alanna to continue on and face Alexander of Tirragen with the sword.

Physical Description

Princess Josiane was described as being blonde and very beautiful. She shared those traits with her sister, Imajane Jimajen Rittevon.

Personality & Traits

Josiane was a cruel and manipulative person, like many members of her family. It is unknown at first if she shared the classic Rittevon madness with the rest of her immediate family, but it is shown later that she did. She hid her cruelty well, behind a mask of well-bred manners, but it was discovered by Jonathan. His rejection angered Josiane, and brought out the cruel side as well as the deranged side of her.


As Princess Josiane was a direct relation to the King of the Copper Isles—his third daughter—her death by the King's Champion did not go unnoticed, and produced bad blood and rivalry between Tortall and the Copper Isles. This is perhaps why the Isles readily joined the Immortals War and sided with Ozorne Tasikhe, the former Emperor Mage of Carthak.


Josiane appeared as a minor character in The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, and as a more major character in Lioness Rampant. She played a greater role in Lioness Rampant, and also died in the course of the novel. She was mentioned casually by Joren of Stone Mountain in First Test, although not by name.

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