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Joreth was a Tortallan knight during the middle of the third century HE.

In 245 and 246, he served with Sabine of Macayhill in hill country. He became good friends with her. He met with her and another redheaded knight in Corus for their break. He was also incredibly snobby, and expected common folk to do anything for him just because he was noble.

Possible Theories

Tamora Pierce likes to make ties between characters in the 3rd century and characters in the 5th century, Rebakah Cooper and her descendants not withstanding. It is possible that Joreth is an ancestor of Joren and Burchard of Stone Mountain. He calls his family "sticklers", which could refer to the extreme conservatism and traditionalism that's rampant in the Stone Mountain family. His name is also similar to Joren's, and although there are plenty of similar names in the Tortallan Universe, families tend to make connections that are not exact, such is the case with Lianokami of Conté, Thayine of Trebond, etc. He also shares the classic Stone Mountain looks; blond hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

Notes and References

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