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Joren of Stone Mountain is the son of Burchard of Stone Mountain. He is very much a conservative and appears in First Test, Page and Squire as the main nemesis of Keladry of Mindelan, hazing new pages brutally and picking on Kel especially because she was a girl. He arranged the kidnapping of Kel's maid Lalasa and her dog Jump to make Kel miss her exams and was charged for the crimes, but was only forced to pay a fine because he was a noble and Lalasa was not (this lead Kel to ask King Jonathan to change the laws).

In the novel Squire , Joren is found dead in the Chamber of the Ordeal. However, it wasn't the Chamber judging him for his crimes but his own inflexibility that killed him. The Chamber doesn't judge the character, it just tests if the candidate is fit to survive as a knight of the realm. As "Joren could not bend, even a little", he didn't survive the test set for him by the chamber.[1]

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