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The Jimajen family was a luarin noble family based in the Copper Isles. It was originally a merchant clan from Tyra before the defeat of the raka Haiming Dynasty in 181 HE by way of Ludas Jimajen. Then it became one of the most powerful noble families in the realm, next only to the Rittevon family, which was established by Rittevon of Lenman, Ludas Jimajen's ally, friend, and leader, in the invasion.

The Jimajen and Rittevon families were originally supposed to co-rule and share power over the Isles, but those intentions never actually came to play. Members of the house do have a princely title even though they are not part of the Rittevon house. They are probably closely related, however, although not as close as the Rittevons were to the Balitang family in the 460s HE.

Known Members

Members through birth:

  • Ludas Jimajen (100s HE) was the founder of the Jimajen noble house.
  • Prince Rubinyan (400s HE) was a member of the house, and was married to Princess Imajane, a Rittevon princess.
  • Prince Bronau was a member of the house and brother to Prince Rubinyan.
  • Varwick Jimajen was a member of the house. He is the son of Prince Rubinyan from his father's first marriage.

Members through marriage:

As we can see with Bronau, he carried the title of "Prince", even though he was not a Rittevon nor married to one. This may indicate that members of the house are all styled with the title "Prince".

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