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Jesslaw is Tortallan fief and noble family. It is located in southern Tortall, an area that was once Barzun. This is inferred, as Jasson III of Conté married Daneline of Jesslaw in Barzun.[1]

Known members

  • Queen Daneline was the wife of King Jasson III, and mother of King Roald. She married King Jasson in 386 HE and gave birth to Roald in 393.[1] She was a Barzunni noblewoman by birth, and a Tortallan royal by marriage, as Jesslaw was once a part of Barzun.
  • Owen of Jesslaw was a friend of Keladry of Mindelan. He is known for being a hellion. He and his father are considered tactless by his maternal relatives.

Notes and references

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