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Jayatin Holly is one of two mages on Starns. He has a long nose that looks like it has a drip of wax, and curly hair. He is very kind, and has a crush on Nory. During Evvy, Luvo, Rosethorn, and Dedicate Myrrhtide's time at Starns he performed the service as a guide. He is approximately 17 throughout Melting Stones and is more powerful, but less knowledgeable than his master. Like the Starns mages before him he uses the veins of power under the island to perform magic beyond his ability. He is surprised when Evvy tells him that Rosethorn would never beat her, because his master used to beat him when he was a child and wouldn't mind his lessons or snuck off to go fishing. At the end of Melting Stones, Nori says she hopes that after two months alone with Jayat, he will realise that he doesn't want to marry her. It is unknown whether Nori really means this, or whether it eventuates.

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