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Jaquetta of Naxen, is the youngest daughter and third child of Sir Gareth of Naxen the Younger and his wife Cythera. Jaquetta is unmarried and serves as a Daughter of the Goddess in Port Legann. She has one sister and two brothers.

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Roanna of IrimorGareth I of Naxen                    Lianne of NaxenRoald V of Conté
                 │                                                      │
             Gareth II of NaxenCythera of Elden                    Conté
         │                            │                                   │                          │
Gilmyn of Naxen - Dolsa of Rosemark  Zenoby of Naxen - Beltair haMinch  Jaquetta of Naxen  Geoffrey of Naxen

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