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Ivath Brand (pronounced EYE-vahth) was a Tortallan commoner. He was paid by Joren of Stone Mountain to kidnap Lalasa Isran in order to force Keladry of Mindelan to either be late for her big exams or to miss them altogether[1]. He accomplished this along with Urfan Noll, the other man Joren paid to kidnap Lalasa.

In 454 HE, Ivath and Urfan were paid by Joren to kidnap Lalasa. Joren also made a map for the men so they would know where to go[1]. They first saw Kel and asked her for directions, pretending that they thought she was a boy[2]. While she was gone, they forced themselves into her room, grabbed Lalasa and almost killed Jump[3]. They would have killed him if Lalasa had not said that Jump belonged to Daine the Wildmage, and that she would do horrible things to them if she discovered that they had killed her dog. They believed her, but took Jump as well. They left the two of them, Lalasa tied hand and foot and gagged, and Jump, on Balor's Needle.

They were later caught by other dogs in the royal palace and were arrested by the watch[4].

In December of 456 HE, Brand and Noll presumably told the Tortallan courts about who paid them, thus reducing their sentence from fifteen years in the mines to ten[1].


Ivath Brand appeared in Page, but his name was unknown. He also appeared in Squire during Joren's trial.

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