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Isalena Obemaek (pronounced ee-sah-LAY-nah oh-BEHM-aek) is a luarin noblewoman of the Copper Isles. She is a member of the Obemaek family.

She was good friends with Saraiyu Balitang, even though the other woman was half-raka, which shows that she was far more progressive than others. Sarai was friends with many other full-blood luarin young noblemen and noblewomen. Isalena was immensely attracted to Ferdolin, Count Tomang, and said that he had lovely muscles but also that she wouldn't want to marry him because of The Dowager Countess Tomang, who was quite a frightening woman.

She employed Vitorcine Townsend as her personal lady's maid. Her maid later turned out to be a spy for Topabaw, but Aly was able to turn her and to make her an agent of the raka conspiracy.

Isalena only appears in Trickster's Queen.

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