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Ironwood of Sinthya was a Tortallan nobleman who lived in the 3rd century HE. He was King Roger's personal mage.


Early life

As a nobleman with a magical Gift, he would have been trained at the City of Gods. If he was very talented, or if he had the stomach to go, he could attend the universities in Carthak, but that was more rare, especially in the 3rd century. At some point he entered the King's service as a mage, and rose up through the ranks.

Events of 249 HE

In 249 HE when young Prince Gareth was kidnapped by slavers and conspirators, Ironwood of Sinthya greeted the members of the Provost's Guard who were selected to investigate.

Physical Description

Beka noted that he had a smug smile and was pudgy, the former she guessed that he had garnered by being excellent at his mage craft.


He only appears in Mastiff.

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