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Inar Hadensra (pronounced EYE-nahr HAH-den-srah) was an incredibly powerful Scanran mage with a ruby for his left eye.


Inar first appeared in The Realms of the Gods, working for Ozorne, under the orders of the Scanran Council of Ten, to make Tortall weak, and ripe for invasion. In the final battle of Immortals War, he is barely defeated by Numair Salmalín.

Abilities and Powers

Inar Hadensra was one of the most powerful mages to be shown in the Tortallan Universe. Because of his minor part in the storyline, exactly how powerful he was was never revealed, however Numair Salmalin, a black robe mage from the Carthaki University stated that Inar was powerful enough to become a black robe but chose not to because he considered it "too limiting." He also claimed that he willingly sacrificed his left eye for greater power, although it is unknown exactly what power this granted him.

Appearance and Personaity

Inar was described as tall and blonde, with a ruby in his left eye socket. He was a cruel and callous man, who did not care how many lives were lost, so long as it weakened Tortall. He also seemed to be proud, as he grew very angry when Ozorne gave him orders.

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