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The Carthaki University is located in Thak City, the capital of Carthak.


It is one of the oldest and most prestigious centers of learning in the world, and is where the emperors of Carthak have received their education for generations.


The Carthaki University has a ranking system for its magical students who have the Gift. The black robe is the highest rank a graduate can receive. An orange robe was the second highest in the 3rd century HE[1], but this seems to have been changed to red by the 5th century – all masters mentioned in the 5th century have red robes while orange robes are not mentioned.

Graduates must adhere to the magical laws set about by the university. Inar Hadensra, a powerful Scanran mage in the 5th century HE, didn't want a black robe as he knew the university would try to limit his magic and prowess[2].

School for Mages


The School for Mages has a Lower Academy and an Upper Academy. The Lower Academy teaches magic to younger students, starting around ten years of age until about fifteen.[3] The Upper Academy takes students at sixteen until they receive accreditation.


All magic instructors hold the honorific "Master", whether male or female.


Students learn a variety of subjects, all centered on the Gift. Although wild magic is a noted form of magic, the university knows it cannot teach it, because one is either born with it or not. They know of it due to their proximity to the Banjiku, a tribe where wild magic manifests more often than not. Advanced students may have one-on-one courses with a master rather than traditional classroom lessons; often these one-on-one courses cover more specific or archaic subjects.[4]

List of Lessons:[5] Offered at the Lower Academy unless otherwise specified

  • History of the Carthaki Empire
  • Essentials of Water Magic
  • Language studies
    • Old Thak
    • Ergwae
    • Yamani (Upper Academy)
  • Mathematics
  • Reading and writing
  • Recognition of Sigils
  • Analysis of the Written Word
    • Technique of Common Writing
    • Technique of Writing: Sigils
  • Essential Earth Magic
    • Seed and Harvest
    • Stone and Earth
  • The Tools of Magic: Bowls, Mortar and Pestle, Salt, Water, Vials
  • Anatomy
    • Birds and Lizards
    • Fish and Shellfish
    • Four-Legged Animals
    • Monkey, Orangutan, & Gorilla
    • Human Beings (Upper Academy)
  • Meditation
  • Gems and Stones
  • Basic Spellcraft
  • Religions
  • Basic Medicines (Upper Academy)
  • Advanced Law with Regard to Magecraft (Upper Academy)
  • Tribal Magic (Upper Academy)
  • Advanced Charms (Upper Academy)

Known Graduates

3rd century

5th century

Rival Schools

The university has been a rival with the City of the Gods for hundreds of years, since before the 3rd century. In the 5th century, Tortall founded their Royal University in Corus, which became a major rival university although it had only been in existence for a short while.

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