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Imperial Palace of Namorn
Type Palace
Location Dancruan, capital of Namorn
Size Very large
Climate On the Syth, very treacherous winters
Landforms One wing built right over a cliff
Bodies of water Syth
Marine Life
Established Unknown
Official Language
Religious Head
Owner Berenene dor Ocmore
Residents The Imperial Court
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Port Cities
Major Cities
Major Roads
Notable Buildings Julih Tunnel
Rooms Hall of Swords
Hall of the Sun
Hall of Roses
The Imperial Hall
Head of State
Main Industry
Trade Partners
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Circle Universe place
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Only Appearance The Will of the Empress
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The Imperial Palace is located in Dancruan, the capital of Namorn. It is Berenene dor Ocmore's primary residence, as well as where she holds most of her court functions. It replaced the old Haidheltac castle Dragonstone as primary residence of the imperial court.

The palace sports many rooms, gardens, and courtyards. It can easily house the empress's court, which is vast in number. Among residential and guest rooms, the palace has four great halls for court life.

  1. Hall of Swords - The great hall that the empress uses for audiences and elegant receptions.
  2. Hall of the Sun - The hall that the empress uses for the full court and private ceremonies
  3. Hall of Roses - The hall that the empress uses for fun and intimate, informal (or as informal as one can get with imperial life) receptions and events. This is where she sees her cousin, Lady Sandrilene fa Toren. This hall also opens onto the gardens.
  4. The Imperial Hall - A great hall that is probably used for extremely formal events, receptions, and functions. In 1043 KF it was used to welcome the Lairanese ambassador. It is probably also used for important functions such as coronations and imperial marriages.

It is an unspoken rule that the custom of bride kidnapping is not allowed here, as it would break the trust that many noble families place in the empress by giving her protection of their daughters.

It also has a few secret passageways, such as the Julih Tunnel, which helped the empress escape assassination attempts. It is also where Finlach fer Hurich took Sandry when he meant to kidnap her.

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