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Immortals War
General Information
Type War
Place of occurrence Tortall
Beginning date
Date of completion
Length of event
Belligerents Tortall & Yamani Islands vs. Carthaki renegades, Copper Isles, Scanra, Ozorne Tasikhe
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Notable fighters
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Tortallan Universe event
Event in The Realms of the Gods

The Immortals War took place in 452 HE[1] in Tortall. The reason for its name comes from the magical reopening of the planes between the realms, allowing Immortals to come into the Mortal Realms from the Divine Realms (i.e. Stormwings, Spidrens, Dragons, Griffins, etc.) The name of the war is somewhat of a misnomer because the Immortals were merely allies to Scanra, the Copper Isles, and Carthaki Renegades, not the primary antagonists[2].



Uusoae is a goddess who rules over the Chaos Realms. Her main objective was to take over the Mortal Realms and to war with the Great Gods.

The gods

The gods responded to the hostility caused by Uusoae, but didn't involve themselves in the actual human war. They appealed to their elemental parents Father Universe and Mother Flame to banish Uusoae for her meddling.



The Yamani Islands sent troops to help the Tortallans deal with the increasing hostility and battles. A few types of immortals aided the efforts of the Tortallans, like ogres, dragons, and some Stormwing flocks.


Commanding officers

(and more)


The Queen's Riders played a large part during this war, which is unlike their participation during the Scanran War in later years. The Immortals War was such that almost all who could fight had to in order to keep Tortall safe. Many died in the fighting, knights and commoners alike. Not a piece of the land was untouched by the war[3].


Emperor Ozorne was a main instigator in the years leading up to the war. He sanctioned privateering, which is lawful piracy. After the emperor's removal from power, Carthak split between those loyal to Emperor Kaddar, Ozorne's successor, and those who were still loyal to Emperor Ozorne. As the latter group of people were betraying the Crown at the time, they are Carthaki renegades and are referred to as such in the book.

Since Emperor Kaddar was busy getting his country under his control, he was unable to provide military aid to Tortall during the war.


These are the allies of the Carthaki renegades, not Carthak during the war:


These are the enemies of Carthaki renegades, not Carthak during the war:

Copper Isles

The involvement of the Copper Isles was because of the bad blood caused by the murder of the Rittevon princess, Josiane[4][5].

They were allies of the Ozorne and his Stormwing flock, Uusoae, Carthaki renegades, and Scanra.

Commanding officers


Scanra allied itself with Ozorne because of their avarice. As they are excellent pirates, they mostly aided the other countries' navies.

Commanding officers


The war occurred in the fourth book of the The Immortals, The Realms of the Gods. There was increasing hostility between the countries—mainly Tortall and Carthak, in the books preceding The Realms of the Gods.

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