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Hunod Ibadun (pronounced HOO-nod EE-bah-doon) was a member of the Ibadun family and the luarin nobility of the Copper Isles. He was married to Dravinna Ibadun. He and his wife were executed by the Rittevon family in 463 HE for believed treachery against the Crown.

They had been friends with Winnamine Balitang prior to their deaths, and it saddened and shocked Winna to see her old friends made Examples. She protested their treachery to her stepdaughters, Saraiyu and Dovasary Balitang, saying that Hunod and Dravinna would not hurt a fly and that they grew orchids not treachery. Dove said that it wouldn't matter, as long as the Rittevon family believed it to be true, or what Topabaw thought they were growing instead of orchids.

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