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The Human Era (HE) is the timeframe in which the Tortallan Universe marks its dates. The Human Era began after the immortals were banished to the Divine Realms by Carthaki mages. Not much is known about the events preceding the beginning of the Human Era, although Tortallan history reaches back more than two hundred years before the beginning of the Human Era.[1] Notable dates after the banishing of the immortals were the creation of the Provost's Guard by King Baird III of Tortall in 127 HE, the invasion of the Copper Isles by Rittevon of Lenman in 174 HE, the conquest of Barzun in 378 HE and the return of the immortals to the Mortal Realms in 451 HE.

The time prior to the Human Era is called Before Human Era (BHE). It was a time when humans and immortals lived together, before an assembly of mages in Carthak banished the immortals to the Divine Realms. It is believed that the mages began their spell in 836 BHE and succeeded in banishing the immortals in 852 BHE. Common opinion says that the spell only covered the Eastern and Southern Lands from the Roof of the World to the Islands in the west.[2]

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