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Hulweme (pronounced hool-WAY-mee) was the aunt of Daja Kisubo and a Trader. She was a member of Third Ship Kisubo and died along with the rest of its crew in early 1035 KF. Thus her surname was probably Kisubo. It might also be that Hulweme was the mother of Daja's cousin Ziba.

Daja thinks of her aunt while being traped by a forest fire in Gold Ridge Valley, calling her "mean".[1] Daja also remembers her aunt while staying with the Bancanors in Kugisko, where she compares her aunt with the not very aimable Morrachane Ladradun. She notices that in contrast to her aunt, who was unpleasant to everyone[2], Morrachane dislikes all people except the twins Niamara and Jorality Bancanor, to whom she es very kind and friendly.

Daja also remarks about her aunts skills as a navigator, which had been very good.

Hulweme doesn't appear in any of the novels but has only been mentioned by Daja in Daja's Book and Cold Fire.

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