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Huldean Obeliten (pronounced HUHLL-deel oh-BELL-ih-tehn) was a young luarin noble from the Copper Isles. He was only around 5 or 6 in 463 HE. He is a member of the aristocratic Obeliten family. He is presumably related to Ankoret Obeliten, a lady around Lady Nuritin's age, and is either a direct or indirect descendant.

He was a member of the small group of noble boys who played with Dunevon Rittevon. These were scions of extremely exalted families of the realm, and included Duke Elsren, the king's heir presumptive. According to Aly, Huldean is a younger son of the Obeliten family, and Elsren is the only titled boy besides the king himself.

Huldean perished in the devastating shipwreck on King Dunevon's birthday. Acharn Uniunu was the only member of Dunevon's court to survive. Dunevon, Elsren, Huldean, and Gazlon Lelin all died that day, along with several of the crew.[1]

Notes and references

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