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The Hub

The Hub is a great tower in the center of the Winding Circle temple grounds, which not only keeps the time for the temple and houses the kitchens but is also a magical center.


On the top is a big clock, which sets the time for the temple. It is a powerful center of magic and each part of the tower is shielded from the others to ensure that the magics don't mix. Thus even the staircase is spelled. As magic can't leak into it or out of it Niko decided to hold the first meditation lesson of his four young students there.[1] On the two bottom-most floors are the kitchens[2], where Dedicate Gorse rules. On the upper stories of the Hub there are the rooms of hearing, where initiates listen for voices in the wind, and seing, where mages seek for clues concerning the near future with the help of crystals or water bowls for scrying[3]. In the basement is the magical center of the whole temple, the so-called heartfire chamber. A fire, the heartfire, always burns in the plain, torchlit room guarded by four dedicates, one for each of the temples.[4]

The Hub is save from being struck by lightning as it has a lightning rod, which catches the lightning and directs it into the earth[5]. The Hub is situated next to the administration building, where Dedicate Superior Moonstream has her office.

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