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House Toren
Year ennobled c. 200 KF
Noble book
Rank Royalty
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Vedris fer Toren, Duke of Emelan
Heir apparent Disputed
Notable members Vedris fer Toren (Head of Family)
Colederran fer Toren (mentioned by Tamora Pierce on her Tumblr blog)
Gospard fer Toren (second son)
Franzen fer Toren (youngest son)
Mattin fer Toren (deceased nephew of Duke Vedris)
Sandrilene fa Toren (great-niece of Duke Vedris)
Amiliane fa Landreg (married Mattin)
Inoulia fa Juzon (married into house)
Inheritance Heir is appointed by current ruler[1]
Status Extant
Notable events
Nationality Emelanese
Location Duke's Citadel
Cadet branches
Related families House Landreg
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe family
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Sandry's Book
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance The Will of the Empress
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

House Toren is a ruling noble house within the Circle Universe. It currently rules over the country of Emelan, which is a large duchy. Members of House Toren have ruled over Emelan for over eight hundred years, so it is a very old noble house. The current head of the house is Vedris IV, as the current Duke.

House Toren has a good relationship with other noble families from other countries, showing how Mattin fer Toren, the nephew of Duke Vedris, and Amiliane fa Landreg, the first cousin of the Empress of Namorn,were able to wed.

Within their home country of Emelan it is the Duke's right to choose his heir from certain members of his family, rather than the Duke's eldest child. It is unknown how far away a relation can be for an heir to be chosen. However it is known that the Duke can go as far as choose his/her great-nephew or niece over his/her own children. There have been several mentions that Duke Vedris will choose his great-niece Sandrilene fa Toren over his own sons, but nothing has been made official.[2]

Known Members

Family tree

                                             ? ┬ ?
                    │                                                                 │
   unnamed wife ┬ Vedris fer Toren                                            unnamed man ┬ unnamed woman    House Landreg
                │                                                                         │                      │
       ┌————————┴——————————————┬———————————————┬—————————————————————————————┐       Mattin fer TorenAmiliane fa Landreg
       │                       │               │                             │                     │
  Colederran fer Toren  Gospard fer Toren  unnamed son - Inoulia fa Juzon  Franzen fer Toren  Sandrilene fa Toren

Future Appearances

Tamora Pierce has expressed interest in creating a book for Sandry, with a more political tone. [4] If this would occur it would be probably that more of the family's past and current members and exploits would be revealed.

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Notes and references

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