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House Landreg
Year ennobled Unknown
Noble book
Rank Nobility
Comital fief
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Ambros fer Landreg (current)
Heir apparent
Notable members Sandrilene fa Toren
Ambros fer Landreg
Amiliane fa Landreg (deceased)
Ealaga fa Landreg (by marriage)
Status Extant
Notable events
Nationality Namornese
Residence Landreg Castle
Landreg townhouse in Dancruan
Landholdings Landreg estates
Location Near Sablaliz Palace and the Syth
Cadet branches
Related families House Toren
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe family
First Mentioned Sandry's Book
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance The Will of the Empress
Last Mentioned '

House Landreg is an old noble house in Namorn. Landreg has blood ties to the imperial Ocmore family.

Estates and Net Worth

The Landreg estates are the largest in Namorn, and it is the last of the great houses that is a threat to the throne after Empress Berenene's attempt to strip all of the houses of their power.[1] The power of the house did wane during the time of Amiliane fa Landreg and Sandry as they rarely traveled to Namorn (Sandry had only been there once after her mother died and it was when she relinquished her titles) and the empress used her power to tax the estates.

The Landreg family also owns a palatial townhouse in Dancruan, the capital of Namorn. It is made of marble and has an army of servants.

Although Berenene did want to tax the estates enough to force Sandry to return to Namorn, she did not want to impoverish the family or the estates like she did with other great families. Due to the ease in affording servants for both the townhouse and the main castle, the family is not in dire straits. It was also able to send money over to both Amiliane and Sandry, which was presumably quite a large amount. The estate did have trouble financing repairs to roads, bridges, and riverbanks during the period of taxation.

The wealth of the Landreg family is mostly in land and heirlooms.


As a fief, the main lands are made up of forests, fields, rivers, and more. The family breeds and sells mules, which they are famous for. Ealaga fa Landreg pointed out that perhaps the reason for this is because the members of the family share some distinct traits with the mules themselves. The tenants also plow, and perhaps they are in the lumber industry as well.


The head of the family was Sandrilene fa Toren before she gave the estates and titles over to her cousin Ambros fer Landreg.


Married Into The Family


  • Amilane's parents
  • Ambros's parents

It is also unknown if Empress Berenene dor Ocmore is actually a member of the house as well, but she is a cousin of Sandrilene fa Toren's through her grandmother.

Future Appearances

Tamora Pierce has expressed interest in creating a book for Sandry, with a more political tone. [2] If this would occur it would be probable that more of the family's past and current members and exploits would be revealed.

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Notes and references

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