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Hesserrr was a male dust spinner in Port Caynn situated near the Rogue's Eagle Street Court in the third century of the Human Era. He belonged to the older dust spinners, being probably decades[1] or even several century old, maybe even older than Hasfush[2].

When Rebakah Cooper first encountered him on her second day in the port city Hesserrr was five feet high. On that occasion Beka learned from the spinner that Pearl Skinner had bought Dogs in Sir Lionel's service.[3]

Beka visited him a second time. Then he was "whipped to head height by the strong breeze coming off the harbor." Then she brought Hesserrr a gift of dirt from Palace Way, where it ran along Daymarket, in Corus.[4] Beka learned more about the red purses from Hesserrr, because he had snatched up a conversation between a girl and her father, members of the Court of the Rogue. The girl had been appointed to switch purses and only to report to Pearl herself or to Jurji.[1] Hesserrr also gave Beka a conversation between Okha Soyan and Zander indicating that Okha sang for Pearl.[5]

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