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Heluda Salt
Chief of Magistrate's Mages
Reigning Monarch Berenene dor Ocmore
Biographical Information
Nickname Heldy (by Camoc Oakborn)
Nationality Namornese
Magical Information
Magic Harrier magic
Type Academic magic
Ranking Unknown
Institution University of Lightsbridge (likely)
Accreditation Mage's medallion (at least)
Student(s) Jorality Bancanor (takes over meditation lessons when Daja Kisubo leaves Kugisko.)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Hair Blonde, straw-like
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Commoner
Residence Kugisko, Namorn
Occupation Magistrate's mage, harrier mage
Affiliation Kugiskan law enforcement
Law Enforcement of
Guard District
Guard Badge
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
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Heluda Salt (pronounced HELL-oo-dah) is the chief of the magistrate's mages of Kugisko, Namorn[1].


Counterfeit investigation

In 1039 KF, Salt guessed that something was wrong with the gold coins in circulation in Kugisko. She asked Dedicate Frostpine the great metal mage of Winding Circle in Emelan, to take a closer look. When he discovered that there was a powerful illusion placed on the coins to make them seem like gold even to other powerful metal-mages like Daja Kisubo, Salt and Frostpine joined forces to catch the culprit without creating a fuss[1]. She attended the winter festival hosted by the Mages' Society of Kugisko, and spoke with Daja Kisubo. She agreed with Olennika Potcracker saying that the wealthier members of the Mages' Society were liked parasites[2]. After the counterfeiter was caught and arrested, Salt looked into the arsonist attacks of Kugisko. Heluda thought that Frostpine would make an excellent magistrate's mage, and thought that he would become one of his own accord[3].

Arson attacks

A series of arson attacks left Kugiskan officials quite worried and eager to bring the perpetrator to justice. Salt began looking into the attacks, which were set fires. She was first suspicious of Bennat Ladradun, the leader of the Kugiskan fire brigades, after a large arson attack at the house of Olaksan Jossaryk on Alakut Island[4], whose wife, Chiora, was the mistress of Romachko Skuretty. Skuretty had been one of the council-members opposed to funding Ladradun's brigades. She didn't act on anything then, however, knowing she needed more evidence than a coincidence[5], and at that point she still had her counterfeiter to track down and bring to justice.

After the devastating arson attack on Asinding Bathhouse, Salt examined the scene, finding traces of Daja Kisubo's magic where the fire was likely set, and interviewed her. Salt was convinced at this point that Ladradun was the perpetrator, as Daja had recently made him gloves of living metal, that would leave Daja's signature wherever they touched[6]. She requested an interview with Ladradun, pretending to be interested in his expertise of fires. Ladradun, pleased at first, realized that she was just reeling him in when he noticed that someone had searched his office. He killed his mother, set his own house ablaze, and escaped justice[7]. He went to set another fire at Yorgiry's Hospital, the most devastating of all his attacks. He was apprehended by Daja Kisubo, who found him by following the magic in her living metal gloves. In total, he killed 150 people, and injured hundreds more. He was sentenced to death by burning. Usually, a serial arsonist is executed at the scene of his greatest crime, which would have been Yorgiry's Hospital, if hospital officials had not staunchly opposed it. Instead he was executed at the site of his second most devastating fire, Asinding Bathhouse[8].

Salt was present at the execution, and also saw the enormous amount of magic that ended Ladradun's life before he really began to feel the pain. This magic was thrown into the fire by many mages of note, including Frostpine, Daja, and Olennika Potcracker. Although the governor was incensed, she was resigned, and calmed one of the politicians who sentenced Ladradun[8].

When Daja and Frostpine left Kugisko, Salt took over Jorality Bananor's mediation lessons[8] because of the noise in Olennika Potcracker's kitchens. Salt was still under the impression that Dedicate Frostpine should quit his vows to Winding Circle temple and become a magistrate's mage.

Magical abilities

Viymese Heluda Salt might be considered a great-mage, although her exact scale of power is unknown. She is an excellent magistrate's mage though, and is brisk and thorough. She was able to sense Daja's magical mark on the arson sites, and track a counterfeiter.

Physical description

Heluda is a woman in her early fifties. She is 5'6" with pale, weathered skin. Her small dark eyes are lined with crows feet and her thin lips are wind-chapped. Her nose is straight and sharp. She dyes her hair in Namornese fashion, so it is blonde[2]. Dying her hair too much caused it to look strawlike and stringy.

When Daja first met her at the Mages' Society winter festival before Longnight, Salt wore very elegant clothing that contrasted with the harshness of her demeanor. Later on, she wears more casual attire except at Ladradun's execution, where she wears her magistrate's robes.

Personality and traits

She has a harsh voice and speaks bluntly[2], although she is kind when she wants to be. She is very determined and thorough, an excellent mix in working in law enforcement.

She was friends with the blunt Camoc Oakborn and possibly attended the University of Lightsbridge with him[2]. She knew quite a bit about other attendees of Lightsbridge, like Crane and Rosethorn.


She only appears in Cold Fire.

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