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How to start editing the Tamora Pierce Wiki?

Find a page to edit

You can find pages you're interested in editing in any number of different ways.

  1. Browse the existing articles and read the ones you like. If you find that there is information missing, an inaccuracy or even just a spelling error, click the handy "edit" link and add in your changes; don't forget to preview before you save. If you see a red link, you can click it to create a brand new article; you'll need to resigter an account.
  2. Search for an article that you think should exist. If the search results don't return any variation on the article title, click the red "create this page" link and add the article to our database. See Help:Searching for more help on how to search the wiki.
  3. Browse our stub articles and see if you can expand them. Alternatively, if an article reads to you like a stub that needs expansion, tag it with a T- or E- stub template to alert other editors that it could use some attention.
  4. Check out the missing articles list. If you're registered you can create one of the articles that appears on the list.
  5. Look at our to do list. Other editors have already added articles to the list that they think need expansion. Usually there's also a description of what part of the article needs attention. You can just work off that list or you can add your own article to it, if you find an article missing important information but don't have the time or knowledge to add it yourself.

How to edit wiki pages

Help:Editing shows the basic types of formatting that wiki software is built on. To test the markup, use the community sandbox. For more help, see Help:Contents.


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, you can bring them up in the forum. If your question pertains to a specific article, like, "Why is so-and-so information included/not included?" or, "This is wrong! Here's what it should be," you can bring it up on the article's talk page by clicking the "discussion" tab at the top of the article. Remember to sign all forum and talk page comments with four tildes, like this: ~~~~. This code inserts your username or IP address and the current date and time, automatically.

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