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Map of Emelan

The Kingdom of Hatar (pronounced hah-TAR) is a country in the Emelan Universe. It is located on an island in the Pebbled Sea in the southern part of the world, across the sea from Emelan. It is ruled by a king, and its capital is Zakdin.

In the year 1034 K.F. it suffered from a smallpox epidemic where Amiliane fa Landreg and Mattin fer Toren died. Sandrilene fa Toren survivied by being locked in a room by her nurse Pirisi, who was killed by the vandalising mob. Niklaren Goldeye later found her and brought her to Emelan. The smallpox epidemic also caused other damage as an amphitheater was used as a burying ground for all the dead. The theater was then burned with the corpses although the king promised to rebuilt it to be much more splendid, in marble[1].

Hatarans are known to wear unique knee-length tunics as a distinguishing feature from other people[2].

As mentioend in Melting Stones, there is a Swan Swing University.

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