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Hanse Remy †
Biographical Information
Nickname Hanse
Born c. 218 HE
Died September, 247 HE
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Nearly 6 ft
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Siblings Unnamed brother
Other Family
Rank Commoner
Rogue Position Caravan Guard
Soldier (former)
Affiliation Court of the Rogue
Pearl Skinner
Steen Bolter
Dale Rowan
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
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First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Bloodhound
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Hansevor Remy, nicknamed Hanse, was a caravan guard and member of the Court of the Rogue in Port Caynn by 247 HE. He commanded a group of thirty men and women who worked for him as caravan guards, among them Steen Bolter[1], Kevern Pye, Austell Goff, Erben Worts, Wat Eavesbrook and Amda Threadgill.[2] One of his Port Caynn friends was Jaco Quilty.

Hanse only appears in Bloodhound.


Hanse was originally from a small town in Barony Olau and he swore that he would never return home again.[3] But he had a brother to whom he obviously still had contact around 247 HE[4]. He met Pearl Skinner when they were both children[5]. In his youth he ran away from home to join the army. During his time there he fought against hillmen, Bazhir, Scanrans, Gallans, Barzunni, Tyrans, and Tusaine fighters, getting scars from all of those. He had earned himself medals and a pension.[6] He stayed with the army for years and did well until he struck an officer[7] who hadn't been behaving correctly himself. This got Hanse dismissed from the army. It was in his army time that he met Dale Rowan and they became friends. By 247 HE they are always gambling together and have been doing so for years.[8]

Soon after being dismissed from the army he started his guard business with "Steen and some other friends who left when he did".[7]

As "caravaners got to be on terms with the Rogues", he was also a member of the Court of the Rogue and payed a monthly tax to ensure that his caravans wouldn't be attacked on the road.[9] However, he was also involved with the creation and passing of false coins and he used Pearl Skinner, whom he knew since childhood, and her greed to get his own revenge on the country. Since around March of 247 HE[3] Hanse provided Pearl with silver out of a new-found vein in an abandoned silver mine in the Barony of Olau, near his home. He himself had gotten news of the new vein through his brother[4]. Hanse had Pearl make him her partner in the business of the coles, never telling her the location of the mine.[10] She even convinced him to cancel another job to get another silver delivery to Port Caynn[11]. Pearl used the silver to produce false coins which injured the economy badly.

After he returned from a trip to Olau he was arrested for smuggling unregistered silver. Hanse was brought to the Rattery Prison and killed by Zolaika, the personal assassin of Pearl, in order to keep him from betraying Pearl after he had been arrested for smuggling the silver. Zolaika cut his throat. His ghost remained for some time, riding the pigeon Slapper, until the bird was killed. Along with Hanse all of the other caravan guards who had been on the last trip with him, were killed by Zolaika.[12]

Physical description

Hanse dresses well, like a merchant. In spite of his fine clothes he wears his hair still cut short, only a quarter of an inch thick, like he probably did when he was still a professional soldier. His eyes are blue, his hair and eyebrows brown. Hanse is nearly six feet tall and has a mole on his left cheek as well as scarred hands. In 247 HE his is in his late twenties and still speeks with the accent of the River Tellerun. He normally wears a dagger and a sword, due to his profession and out of habit.[13] Hanse can also handle a staff. He is big and slope-shouldered.[14] Hanse's face is tanned.[15] He has a very loud voice, leading Dale to the suggestion that his "father was a bull"[16].


Hanse was acquainted with Nestor Haryse and Okha Soyan because he brought Okha cosmetics—makeup and perfume—from his trips to Barzun. He had a good opinion of Nestor, considering that the other man was a sergeant for the Provost's Guard and thus on the other side of the law and didn't accept bribes[17].

During her stay in Port Caynn, Hanse was involved with Clara Goodwin, although he probably thought more of it than she did, because Goodwin was clearly devoted to her husband. Goodwin was "just his kind of woman" and according to Okha Soyan he once "looked as if he hoped for good things from her", even though he knew her to be married[3].

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