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Hammit (pronounced HAH-miht) was a member of the Camelguts - a Chammuran street gang.

In 1039 KF, he meets Briar Moss and introduces the former thief and gang member to the rest of his gang. Briar treats him free of charge and gains a bit of leeway with the gang, even having three Camelguts beat up a Viper who followed him. Hammit is an admire of Briar's ointments and says that the mage should sell them, which Briar does, but to wealthier people.

When the Vipers - a rival gang - start attacking Camelguts by order of their takameri, Lady Zenadia, Briar treats the Camelguts for free, however, Hammit eventually dies of his injuries.

He only appears as a minor character in Street Magic.

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