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Hakuin Seastone (pronounced HAH-koo-een) is a Shang warrior of the 5th century HE known as the Horse. He was originally from the Yamani Islands.


Early life

Hakuin would have joined Shang quite young, from when he was about 4, and then he would have studied till eighteen when he would take his Ordeal for Shang. After that he would have to travel the world for a year or so, gaining experience.

He learned for a time in the palace of the emperor of the Yamani Islands, and was taught by Nariko, who specialized in throws and kick fighting.

Training the pages

By 452 HE, he was the resident Shang at the palace to teach the pages Shang techniques and unarmed martial arts. He did this with Eda Bell.

He was impressed with Keladry of Mindelan when the girl nearly threw him during a demonstration. Eda mocked him for his complacence.

Personality and traits

Kel described him as being too cheerful for someone of Yamani heritage.


Hakuin is based on Chow Yun-Fat, a Chinese actor. He shares this real life model with Emperor Weishu of Yanjing from the Circle Universe[1].

Notes and references

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