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Hakkon Falconer was an inhabitant of the village of Snowsdale in Galla. There he trained hawks for the local nobleman, often with the help of Veralidaine Sarrasri. He often visited Daine and her mother and liked both of them. Hakkon even would have married Sarra, but she told him that Daine's father wouldn't like that. Later Hakkon married someone else but was still friendly to Daine.

After the bandits killed her whole family and Daine went mad Hakkon betrayed her trust and tried to trap her. It was only by the help of her animal friends that Daine could escape.

He doesn't appear in any of the novels but is mentioned by Daine in Wild Magic when she tells Numair Salmalín and Onua Chamtong of her experiences in Snowsdale.

Notes and references

  • Wild Magic, Cp. 6 (p. 213/214; Simon Pulse paperback)

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