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Haiming Dynasty
Year ennobled
Noble book
Rank Royalty
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Dovasary Balitang
Heir apparent
Notable members Queen Imiary
Dilsubai Haiming
Sarugani Temaida
Queen Dovasary
Inheritance Oldest female
Status Extant
Notable events Luarin Conquest
Raka rebellion
Nationality Kyprin
Residence Grey Palace
Location Kypriang Island
Cadet branches
Related families Temaida
House Balitang
Rittevon Dynasty
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe family
First Mentioned Trickster's Choice
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Last Mentioned Trickster's Queen

The Haiming Dynasty (pronounced HIGH-ming) was a powerful royal line that ruled the Copper Isles up until the Luarin Conquest. By the mid to late 100s HE the family was at war with itself and rivalries had sprung up between the main and cadet branches of the family. Thus, queens were assassinated by their own kinsfolk in a search for power and autonomy. Slavery was also a practice under the Haiming queens, since rivals killed or enslaved each other.

Rittevon of Lenman, a Marenite, saw an opportunity to take lands for himself. He, along with his friend, Ludas Jimajen, set out to conquer the Isles in what was known as the Luarin Conquest. When the Conquest proved to be successful, the new luarin rulers did everything they could to wipe out those with Haiming blood, for fear of rebellion. A cadet branch of the Haiming Dynasty did survive for two hundred years, as the Temaida family had carried it to pass it on to the "twice royal" queen of the Kyprish Prophecy. The Haiming and Rittevon blood was mixed in Saraiyu Balitang and Dovasary Balitang, the two daughters of Mequen Balitang, a Rittevon duke, and Sarugani Temaida, one of the last few survivors of the Haiming Dynasty.

Known Queens

  • Imiary VI Haiming was the penultimate queen of the Copper Isles. She tried to negotiate and restore peace among her nobles, but was unsuccessful. She was dethroned and murdered by her kinswoman, Dilsubai Haiming.
  • Dilsubai Haiming was the last queen of the Copper Isles before the Rittevon family wrested power away from them. Unlike her predecessor, she did not negotiate peace, but instead made things worse. She encouraged the slavery of her rivals and highly rewarded nobles who supported her.
  • Dovasary Balitang was the Queen mentioned in the Kyprish Prophecy and part of the raka rebellion. She was crowned in 463 HE, a little less than three centuries after the fall of the Haiming Dynasty in the 170s. She is "twice royal", as she is of the Haiming Dynasty through her mother and the Rittevon luarin bloodline through her father.
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