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Haidaycie Acalon (pronounced hai-DAY-see AHK-kah-lohn), nicknamed Haiday (HAI-day), is the cousin of Pasco Acalon through the Acalon family. When either her cousin or her brother, Vanido Acalon would bully Pasco, she didn't stop him or protest. Sometimes she would find help if it got bad, but usually at that time Vani would be far along in the beating. When Pasco danced her, Vani, and Rehana Acalon up into the air to defend himself, Haiday wasn't mad, but told their "Gran'ther", Edoar Acalon, that Vani was beating up on Pasco. When Sandrilene fa Toren, the powerful thread-mage who was also the duke's great-niece came to aid them, Haiday was helpful and listened intently to the conversation that teacher and student were having about magic. Her grandfather did take her and the others to task for not telling anyone that Vani was a bully. 

She, along with her cousins and any siblings she might have, lives at, or spends most of her time at, the home the Acalon family owns. It is large and spacious, with stuccoed walls and murals. It has a large courtyard which is used to teach the youngsters harrier work. She learns baton and crimefighting techniques from her aunt, Zahra Acalon, and her grandfather Edoar Acalon.

She only appears as a minor character in Magic Steps.

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