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The haMinch family is a Tortallan noble family. It is incredibly powerful and one of the houses that makes up the Shield of Tortall. This includes the Naxen family, the Queenscove family, and the Legann family.


As an ancient noble family, they are usually very conservative. They are, however, more practical than many of their conservative Tortallan peers. Although they would likely prefer things to go back to the way they were, they do not hesitate to work with women in the military or foreigners if they know they can achieve a goal this way. They are also entrenched in the military, and a haMinch can be found in all forces of the military.

One of their sons also weds a member of the Mindelan family, Demadina. They also differ from their conservative peers in this way, as not many families with as old a bloodline as the Minchis would allow one of their sons to marry a woman whose family is not even in any of the Tortallan Books of Nobility, has a sister who entered knight training, and whose family has been instrumental in bringing about large amounts of change in Tortall.

Family History

They are one of the oldest noble houses. Jonathan I of Tortall, King Jonathan IV's ancestor, wrote the importance of the haMinch family in the Scroll of Salute. A member of the Minchi family, Doras of Great Minch, became the first wife, queen, and co-ruler of Gareth I of Conté, an early Conté king. The family is likely in the Book of Gold.

Known Members

01-99 HE

  • Doras of Great Minch, first wife of Gareth I of Conté, Queen and co-ruler of Tortall[1]

100s and 200s HE

400s HE

Likely non-exhaustive, as they are quite a large clan.

Main branch

  • Unnamed prior duke + Unnamed prior duchess
    • Gelban, current Duke of Great Minch + Jennett of Aili
    • Padraig haMinch, training master of the pages + Hanaa al Naz (deceased, pox epidemic in 451 HE)
      • Two unnamed children (both deceased, pox epidemic in 451 HE)
    • Suvanna + Duke Cammare of Marqueran in Galla
    • Gillin + Honorine of Marqueran
    • Deava + Amorelle of Anak's Eyrie
    • Mairgred + Lord Slaiden of Nicoline
    • Deonaid (vowed to the Goddess as Mother in the City of the Gods)[2]

Cadet branch

Unknown branch

Note that Beltair, Kieran, and Gavin could be members of the main branch as sons of Padraig of haMinch's brothers.

Notes and references

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