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Griffins are a race of Immortals.

Physical description

Griffins resemble lions or other large cats, with feathered bodies and the heads and wings of eagle, and stand over six feet tall at the shoulder. They may be solidly colored (silver, for example) or may not be (a brindled black and gold griffin is seen in Squire.) Young Griffins have bright gold plumage to make them more visible to their parents. Griffins live and nest on coastlines, and their diet consists of fish and sea mammals such as dolphins.[1]

Traits and magical abilities

Humans cannot lie in the presence of Griffins, and historically they have been hunted for this valuable property and imprisoned on human shields. Griffin feathers have many useful properties, and are much sought-after by humans. Arrows fletched with griffin feathers are more accurate and precise. When feathers are worn near the eyes and ears, the wearer can see through magical illusions.

Griffins are very intelligent, and don't have a very high opinion of humans, but are not inherently dangerous to humans who leave them alone. Griffins may not be killed under Tortallan law, but are often the victims of poachers.

Griffin adults have the ability to magically detect the scent of their offspring on humans, and will not forget that scent. If they encounter someone who has handled a stolen baby griffin, even years later, they will kill that person. The only way to keep the parents from hurting the human who touched the young, was to have someone whom the griffin liked, convince them that it was a mistake.[2]Cages cannot contain a griffin, as even infants have the ability to rust metal, enabling them to escape.


Daine, along with Numair, Alanna, Queen Thayet, and members of the Queen's Riders, had a frightening encounter with a pair of griffins along the coast of Tortall, near Pirate's Swoop in 449 HE[3].

Kel took charge of a baby griffin she recovered from a dead centaur raider in 456 HE and cared for it until it was returned to its parents more than a year later.


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