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The Grey Palace serves as the primary residence of the royalty of the Copper Isles and the Court. In 463 HE, it is the main home of the newly-made royal family, the Balitang family, scions of both House Rittevon and House Haiming.

Known Buildings and gardens

The palace has stone ramparts and walls surrounding it in order to ward off intruders and attackers. On the inside campus, it is spread out to take advantage of the wind and is not entirely in the style of the Eastern palaces.

Throne Hall

The Throne Hall is a large separate building that is part of the main campus of inside palace. It is where the monarchs hold important audiences and functions, and likely royal marriages. It is painted white with gilt on the edges. The Robing Pavilion is directly across from the Throne Hall so guests do not have to walk far in their finery to get to their destination.

The Throne Hall has a large entrance, and those being presented are met by the master of ceremonies. The throne is on the other side of the hall, situated on a high dais. During the rule of King Dunevon, there were three thrones—although the prince and princess regents only used low-backed chairs. Two steps up from the first level sat the regents, and then five steps higher sat King Dunevon.[1]

Pavilion of Delightful Pleasures

The pavilion is used for more informal events than the Throne Hall. Parties were mostly held here.

Robing Pavilion

It is located close to both the Throne Hall and the Pavilion of Delightful Pleasures, so that it would be more convenient to get to the parties or receptions. Guests usually arrive in traveling clothes and change into their court wear.

Architecture and History

The palace was originally built by the pre-Rittevon Haiming Dynasty, and was known for its extraordinary beauty. The grounds are lush and jungle-like, and the buildings are very ornate.

The term "Grey Palace" came from after the Luarin Conquest and the invasion of luarin families and soldiers. The Rittevon family built an addition in the style of a castle, in order for them to feel safer in the land that they had conquered.

The palace sports a number of buildings, gardens, and roads, and is like a small city in itself. There are a number of passageways and hidden entryways that the raka exploited in the raka rebellion.

Notes and References

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