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The Green Mist was a riverboat traveling on the Olorun River between Port Caynn and Corus in the middle of the third century of the Human Era. It normally layed at anchor at Seven Dock in Corus, and parted for the port shortly after ten in the morning[1]. The Green Mist was a shallow-bottomed craft, with sails angled to catch any bit of breeze. Because the wind mostly came from the west the journey from Corus to Port Caynn took longer by boat than by riding. Thus the Green Mist mostly carried heavy goods or less wealthy people.[2] Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin were using the Green Mist to get to Port Caynn for their assignment of investigating the false coins leaking from there into Tortall's moneystream.[3] Arval was another passenger of the ship that day.

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