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A great mage is an epithet used in the Circle Universe for both academic and ambient mages. Unlike with the Tortallan Universe black robe to denote greatness, the title of great mage is more of a subjective term and given by the populace or by other mages themselves when they come across a certain mage's work.



There are several mages in the series who are considered great mages. People have referred to these characters as great mages in the books.


These characters are extremely powerful and outstanding in their various fields, but aren't actively referred to as great mages in the books. This does not mean they aren't, it just means the epithet was not used in the book.

The four mages

Although the four have been capable of great things, they mostly worked in concert to achieve them, as was pointed out by Empress Berenene. Singularly, they could not stand a chance against Ishabal Ladyhammer or Quenaill Shieldsman, and could only defeat them when working in pairs or more. This will likely change as they grow up and gain more power and knowledge. However, as Tris had pointed out, their magic works differently than the standard academic great mage.

Altogether, they are considered far more powerful than even an extremely strong great mage, and were able to take down the magical border that was brought up between Namorn and Olart that was considered undefeatable.

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