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Graveyard Hag
Goddess of the Dead
Territories Southern Lands
Powers Waking the Dead
Sacred Animals
Human Beneficiary
Biographical information
Aliases Lady of the South
Species Goddess
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Short
Hair White
Other Traits
Family information
Ancestors Father Universe
Mother Flame
Parents Black God
Other family
Rank Great God
Residence Divine Realms
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
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First Appeared Emperor Mage
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Trickster's Queen
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The Graveyard Hag is a goddess in the main Tortallan Universe pantheon. She is worshipped as a Great God in the Southern Lands and a minor goddess in the Eastern Lands.


Territorial designations

The Graveyard Hag is the patron god of Carthak. In the Southern Lands, she is second only to her father, the Black God. The other Great Gods must listen to her in matters concerning Carthak. In other territories, she is a minor trickster goddess and of surprise changes of fate.[1]

Sacred animals, objects, and magic

The Graveyard Hag holds hyenas, rats, and dice as sacred. Even though she holds dice as sacred, it doesn't seem to faze her when someone cheats, or she might only be okay with that when she does it.

The Graveyard Hag also has the ability to awaken the dead. In the past, several people have developed this ability for a time, presumably through her. The animal or person that is awakened from death is as if they never died. It is a very powerful divine magic that seems to be used only by the Graveyard Hag, although perhaps all of the Great Gods possess it—they just don't use it as often. It also could be a product of her father, the Black God of Death, in which case the other Great Gods would not possess the magic. It is necromancy in its highest form as the creature awakened does not suffer from any shadows from death.


The Graveyard Hag is the patron goddess of Carthak and is widely worshiped there. In his youth, Emperor Ozorne built her a temple. But when Ozorne grew older and decided that he no longer needed the gods, going so far as to ban offerings to them, the Graveyard Hag became extremely angry. She began to engineer Ozorne's downfall. Indeed, a prophecy was made at Ozorne's coronation, stating that hyenas would lead his doom to him. The Graveyard Hag was not about to be ignored, not in her own land.


The gods are infamous for meddling in the affairs of humans, and the Graveyard Hag is no exception.

Reign of Ozorne Tasikhe

After Ozorne stopped bringing her gifts and started neglecting her temples, it made the Hag very angry. This was not as bad as when Ozorne started forbidding people from showing any sort of worshipful regard to the gods and the temples, because he claimed he was as close to a god as any of them would see. This angered not only the Graveyard Hag, but the rest of the pantheon, who did not like when mortals pretended to hold divine office or pretend to be gods. Although the great gods must have decided to punish Ozorne and Carthak, it was the Graveyard Hag who carried it out, as it was her designation. She had a mortal prophesy that the hyenas would bring the downfall of the emperor; this caused the hyenas to be mostly hunted except for a few, which were kept in the emperor's menagerie.

She then started appearing in the Carthaki palace when Veralidaine Sarrasri was a guest there. She knew that Daine was the daughter of the northern hunt god Weiryn, as did most gods. She gave Daine her divine magic, which allowed the girl to wake the dead. Daine made a deal with the Graveyard Hag's rats that no animal would hunt them in the palace for years, so that they would lend her their strength. She then awakened the dinosaur skeletons, and destroyed the palace. After Ozorne removed himself from emperor by turning himself into a Stormwing, the reign passed to Kaddar Iliniat. The Hag came, taking the immortals who were imprisoned to the Divine Realms. She also informed Kaddar that she liked fresh incense in her temples and that she would not be ignored.

Helping a worshipper

Kyprioth the trickster, the old patron god of the Copper Isles, had played one too many a trick on the Graveyard Hag. She had figured out that Saraiyu Balitang was very important to Kyprioth's plan, so she helped a devout worshipper, Zaimid Hetnim, run off and elope with Sarai. She trapped Alianne of Pirate's Swoop and talked with her, keeping her from stopping Sarai and Zaimid. This trick would have cost Aly her life if the darkings with her had not told Dawn Crow and Sky to help her. Dawn Crow informed Kyprioth that Aly was tricked in turn, and to ask the Graveyard Hag where the goddess was that night. Kyprioth confronted the Hag and she admitted to her meddling readily enough. All was forgiven between Kyprioth and Aly after that, as they turned their attentions to Dove.

Physical description

The Graveyard Hag commonly takes the appearance of an old woman with a eye-patch, leaning on a walking stick. In the Immortal Series she changes her shape from an old slave woman with both eyes and a shaved head, to an old woman with a fuzzy yet still shorn head of hair with a eye patch. She usually has a rat around her feet or perched upon her shoulder.

Personality and traits

As one of the few trickster gods in the pantheon, the Graveyard Hag has a very playful and joking personality. However, it is a mistake to assume that tricksters only love fun and are not dangerous, as both she and the other trickster who appears, truly have iron wills and personalities. They are also quite dangerous if provoked. The Hag is willing to mess with the lives of mortals and others in order to settle bets or rivalries. As noted by Veralidaine Sarrasri, the Hag cheats in her wagers and bets. This does not mean she wouldn't pay up if she did lose, but as a trickster goddess it is in her nature to rig the odds in her favor.


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