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Graeme of Queenscove was the oldest son of Baird of Queenscove and his wife as well as the oldest brother of Nealan of Queenscove. He is deceased, killed in the Immortals War.

                │              Haryse                                 │
                │                 │                                   │
      Baird of QueenscoveWilina of Haryse                   unnamed sister ┬ unnamed husband
                          │                                                   │
                          │                                          Domitan of Masbolle
          │                      │                          │                                          │
Graeme of QueenscoveCathal of QueenscoveNealan of QueenscoveYukimi noh Daiomoru  Jessamine of Queenscove - Balduin of Disart
                                                    unnamed daughter

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